The Importance of Using Good Carpet Padding

You have been shopping around for a good carpet, and you have finally found the perfect one that suits your requirements. It is most likely quite expensive and you are tempted to cut down on further expenses by using your old carpet padding or even none at all. Now, this is where you are about to make the wrong move.

Do not invest in a good carpet, only to spoil it by using the wrong padding. Settling for your old padding is not a good idea whatsoever. This is because it is too old with little or no padding left to it.

It is advisable that you invest in good carpet padding for the following reasons:

Good carpet padding will create a lot of comfort when walking on the carpet. When you walk on a carpet without padding, you subject it to a lot of pressure per square inch. However, with the underlay, the pressure is reduced, making it feel better, soft, and even more comfortable to walk on. For this reason alone, you need to use good padding.

Another benefit of using carpet padding is sound insulation. A combination of the carpet and good padding actually acts as a sound barrier preventing external noises from getting into the room. This ensures that the room is warm and quiet.

Carpet padding prevents dirt from reaching your carpet. This ensures the carpet remains clean. Thus, it prolongs the lifespan of the carpet. Without the padding, dirt particles will accumulate under the carpet, and they eventually lead to wearing and tearing of your carpet.

Good carpet padding also prevents pile crushing as it provides extra support. This is useful especially in areas that experience high traffic. When pile crushes, the carpet will not look appealing to the eye as it will appear ugly.

Given the above advantages of good padding, you would be doing a lot of disservice to your carpet if you choose to use it without proper padding. In fact, most manufacturers may not even honor their warranties if they find out that you used the carpet without padding.

Padding is found in three basic forms which include foam, rubber, and fiber. All of these come in many varieties and different constructions. The type or thickness that you use will depend on the room that you want to use it in.

You can use thin pads in rooms that experience low traffic such as the bedroom. On the hand, the sitting room requires a thick underlay because of the high foot traffic.

If you plan on buying a carpet, which is an expensive investment, you must accompany it with good padding this will work well in maintaining your carpet and making it last longer. Any honest carpet dealer will advise you on the type of padding to use with the specific type of carpet that you intend to buy.

Take the proactive step of protecting your carpet today before it is too late. If you do not have a good padding, buy one already.

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